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Sr No. Author Name Author Article Article Status
1 RENUKAPRASAD.B.P Effect of Withania somnifera on starvation resistance in Drosophila melanogaster Under Review
2 Mohamed.M. Amer, Ghazi .A. M. Zohair, Khalid.M.Elbayoumi ,Zeinab M.S. Amin Girh, Immune status and reproductively of medication vaccinated broiler breeder chickens Under Review
3 Mohamed.M.Amer, Ali.M. Ghetas, Mohamed.A. Kutkat, Mohamed.H.H. Awaad . Understanding the Infectious Bronchitis Virus Immunity and Evolution Under Review
4 Dr. K. Nirosha Influence of aerobics versus walking on body composition in over Weight and obese female subjects Under Review